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New Patient Exams


The initial examination performed at the first visit. This includes movement assessments, clinical testing among other tests prior to the initial adjustment. These visits typically take between 30-60 minutes.

Routine Patient Visits


Returning patients can expect a follow up to previous complaints and addressing of new complaints if any. Expect these visits to be between 10-20 minutes.



After between 6-8 visits patients can expect a re-examination for their complaints. Much like the new patient exams these help the chiropractor evaluate and change treatment plans if necessary.

Manual Adjustments


Manual adjustments are done by hand in the office by the Chiropractor to address fixations in the joints and improve overall mobility.

Instrument Assisted


Performed using an Activator and the Activator Methods Protocol. This is a low force technique where the patient can expect to not here any "pops or cracks." This technique is very useful for people in very high levels of pain, as it does not require much patient movement.

Muscle & Rehabilitative Therapy


Muscle care is vital to helping patients improve. Muscle therapy includes Active Release Therapy  (ART) which helps release the muscles and allow for better moment. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization may also be used. This involves the use of special tools to help break down muscle adhesions to allow better movement of the joints and muscles. 

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